Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lets Get Started

Here we go. I've been involved in the Green Movement for some time. I've also been involved in commercial real estate for quite some time. It makes sense for me to combine these two passions.

If you are a business owner and especially if you are a tenant, you should force yourself to read this from time to time. I promise to keep it brief and give you some tools for being green AND saving money. If you know me, you know there will be a healthy dose of sarcasm and cynicism. Not all green is good...I'll try to expose greenwashing whenever I can.
I promise to stay away from the painfully obvious ( " lets's get rid of plastic water bottles"). We'll focus more on the solutions ("the bottles are gone, but we're thirsty!, what's the best solution?")

I'm not sure how often I'll be posting, but if I become too prolific, you can dump me anytime and I won't be angry (hurt maybe, but not angry). Anyway, let's have some fun and do the right thing.

But for today, let's just start with a quick poll to see where you stand. See below


  1. Hi Ralph -

    Good luck with your blog.
    It's a challenge to find
    useful information on a
    regular basis.

    See you soon. David


  2. Hey Ralph!

    Good luck with this - sounds great & its always good to know the little changes we may be able to make to make a bigger impact on the environment...every bit helps!

    Take good care,

  3. Hi Ralph:

    Congratulations. Thanks for taking this important step. Small changes over time will certainly have a BIG impact.

    But please don't discount the water bottles. There are millions of people still buying cases of them. They obscenely clutter our waterways among other places but more importantly they are also breaking down chemically in our precious water, drinking and otherwise.

    I heard today that taking a shower can be hazardous to our health. No kidding.

    I notice the people in most offices throwing plastic away as regular refuse. Let's not assume that everyone knows better...unfortunately...they don't. Let's help spread the word.

    Looking forward to reading your content and very proud to be affiliated with you, Ralph. You are a great citizen setting a huge example.

    Best wishes,
    Ellen Volpe
    21 years as Founder of ABA-NY.com

  4. Ralph- Great Concept! As I am just developing an outline for the USGBC-LI Technology Salon "greening the office" relating to non-IT, I would love to get your input. My focus will be as an Architect/Space Planner/Interior Designer. Including LEED guidelines within my outline, I find there is a great deal of information to bring to the table. Among other issues, I plan to address intelligent, sustainable decisions/solutions to be made by tenant, owner, designers and facilities managment. These are decisions that should directly and positively impact end user productivity (as was covered at the HUMANSCALE Salon), the built environment and human factors. Good Luck- Great to see so many responses already. Your input would be greatly appreciated. I plan to contact you this week. Denise

  5. Ralph, great idea. I look forward to your blogs.


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